DRy HEAT. 2017

 Perry Bard  & Richard Sullivan collaboration


Three channel video installation, sound, photos.

In a polarized society where everyone has multiple agendas and different perspectives on these agendas, the real question is how do we negotiate an alliance? This is the theme of Dry Heat, a multiple channel video installation that includes interviews with a brother and sister living in Israel. Elan traveled to Israel as a teenager, found a spiritual and emotional connection to the country and moved to Efrat, a community east of the green line were he is raising his family. Amber and her husband Assaf are studying in an ecological program whose motto is nature knows no borders. Despite their political differences they maintain a relationship.

No Flak, a text animation that links the attitudes of Dada and the Theatre of the Absurd to the present moment synchronizes the two channels. In the aftermath of an election where the internet offers the opportunity for rants on social media and irrational tweets from the U.S. president, the work scours past and present for bits of humor and philosophy to define a science of the imaginary, an approach to these troubled times.

The Full Catastrophe, a conversation with philosopher Nick Pappas engaged the audience in an analysis of friendship from Aristotle to Facebook.