EMPIRE. Work in Progress

 EMPIRE is made possible in part with a grant fromCEC ArtsLink.

 Production stills from Mongolia

EMPIRE is a road movie and installation that originates in New York at the intersection of DaKar and GuangZhou. Using the silk road as a metaphor the  work explores trade, economics and mobility focusing on working women.

 Images: left to right. Road map with points of intersection,an active skin trade, sellers identified by a pile of skins on the highway.  Tsetsege at home, one of the few Mongolians left in the business. She buys skins, loads them onto trucks, unloads them at a warehouse where she trims them, packs them in salt and finally sells them to the primarily  Chinese buyers  who now control the trade and the prices. Grazing free range,water station in Ulan Bator, allotment is one liter per person per day after which water is bought, drawing for hybrid furniture.


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